No EMSWorldExpo/Wedding, Courtesy of FrankenStorm

Thanks to FrankenStorm (aka Hurricane Sandy), I won’t be making it to EMSWorldExpo in New Orleans, not to mention MsParamedic‘s wedding on Friday.

I was notified that my flight had been canceled Monday evening. OK, I thought, they’ll probably give me another flight on Wednesday. No big deal.

Tuesday morning (today), I received a notification that there was a flight available that left at 8:00pm, and would arrive in NOLA at 10:23pm. SWEET!

In the 45 minutes it took for me to get to work – 1 mile away from home – it had already filled up. NOT sweet.

So, after searching for any available flight down to NOLA – and finding none – I applied for a fee-free refund and received a confirmation number. They waive the fee for processing a refund if the flight is canceled due to weather.

Bummed out totally, but OK, at least I’m getting my full fare back.

Then I get an email notifying me that my flight had been rebooked. Say what?

Here it is:

Wait a minute. I’m leaving on Saturday to fly BACK from NOLA. They didn’t really scheduling me to leave on the day I was returning home, did they?

Yup. They did.

Did you notice they departure times? Yeah, so did I, after a few minutes of staring at it.

After waiting on hold for a few hours, I finally got to talk to someone about it. They wanted to laugh at the obvious problem of being in 2 places at once, but they handled it pretty well, and relatively quickly.

Sorry, Nat and Matt. I won’t be at your wedding in a kilt as promised. If you kids ever make it up this way, let me know. Not only will I gather all the EMS folk in the area for one helluva BBQ, but I’ll show you all the cool places in NYC that aren’t on the tourist maps.

Someone drink a few for me, will ya?

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