Help Me Beat AD!

I know I don’t have near the readers that AD does, but that doesn’t mean I can’t raise more money for Prostate Cancer in donations!  OK, well, maybe it does, but I won’t let that little detail stop me from trying.

The important thing is to raise awareness.  That’s why I’ll be wearing a kilt for the entire month of September. To work, at home, while shopping, and pretty much all the time except when I’m on the ambulance.

I’m not just doing this for the awesome prizes – I’m doing this to spread the word that guys need to get their junk checked.  By a doctor, not your significant other.

So head over to my donation page and read more about what’s going on, and why all of my blogger friends and I are beating you over the head with this.

We’re trying to save your life, fellas..


AD has issued a challenge, and the challenge has been accepted.  So, if you want to see AD in DRAG, pony up some green and help save a life.  Make your donations to either the LiveStrong Foundation or the Prostate Cancer Foundation and put Kelly in a dress.

It wouldn’t be the first time…

  • Sam Bradley

    Whether Kelly is in drag or wearing an “I want to grow up and be like NJDM” shirt, it’s a win for us, and a win for guys …..

    • DiverMedic

      Ultimately, the people benefitting from the research are the winners. We just get to have all this fun trying to raise money to help them.

      Well, yeah, and to see Kelly in drag. That’ll be the best part for me (plus the awesome prize package!)

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