A Small (long overdue) Change

While I was attending EMSToday in Baltimore, MD with a few other folks, I couldn’t help but realize that the name of my blog was, to put it nicely, lame. REAL lame. To be honest, it was horrible. I mean, here I am, in Baltimore, at one of the biggest EMS conventions on the East Coast (if not THE biggest), and I’m surrounded by bloggers that have cool names for their blogs. Time to get with the program already.

So, as a group of us were consuming food and copious amounts of alcohol milk, I turned to Sam and Sam for suggestions, and the result was transcribed on a napkin (just for the sake of tradition, if nothing else.)

  • http://redlightshotspotsanddisaster.blogspot.com/ Sam Bradley

    Milk? Kevin, no one is buying that! Love the picture. It will always remind me of that moment and all the good things we’re going to do. Now on to my blog so I can write about you! – Sam

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