We Done Good, but We Can Do Better!

Well, after a little over a month, countless odd looks, a number of random conversations, a few brain-bleach incidents, and a ton of great fun, Kilted To Kick Cancer 2011 has come to a close until next year.

Or has it?

Officially, September has passed us up until next year, which means Prostate Cancer Awareness Month is another 11 months off in the future, and now is the time to Save The Bewbs. But that doesn’t mean we should stop trying to spread the word about prostate and testicular cancer just because it’s no longer September.

Guys still need to know that they need to get themselves checked on a regular basis.  I don’t see myself donning my kilt in the middle of a Northeast snowstorm (well, I might, you never know), but that doesn’t mean I’m going to stop spreading the word on how important “checking your junk and your trunk” is until next year, either.

All in all, my fellow Brothers and Sisters helped raise a total of $8806.50 in ONE MONTH for the Prostate Cancer Foundation and the LiveStrong Foundation.  You can check out the breakdown on AmbulanceDriver‘s page here.  You’ll notice that the total on that page is $8,114.50 but that doesn’t count the last little bit my employer raised for the cause, which didn’t get submitted in time for the contest deadline.  Which would’ve put me in third place.  Oh well.  I’ll just have to outsmart Kelly next year, provided that doesn’t include anything about me being in drag.  Unlike Kelly, I have self-debasement limits higher moral standards better legs  OK, I got nothing.  If I have to promise pics of me in pantyhose and lipstick to raise money, so be it.

So, in the meantime, you might have noticed the pink background..



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